the feeling one gets when a citizen of a nation can not tell any real or significant difference between various political parties and their candidates; that they must by necessity choose from each election. each of the parties may wear different make up and masks and clothes but for all intents and purposes it is the same actor. every year the same old thing but coming from "the other side" and nothing ever changing.
the feeling you get from "Political Androgyny" is like the feeling a "john" gets while trying to pick the female hookers from the drag-queen hookers while driving down a poorly lit back ally. you know that either way you are going to get fucked. but it is hard to tell if it is going to be one of those stories you tell your friends at the bar or one of those stories your friends find out and tell everyone about you.
-or like looking on craigslist for a quick bit of tail. what an add says is never quite what you get but you can pretty well bet you will end up with crabs.
-for example the term, "Obamnay" has been coined.... who supports what? hell even they don't know most of the time... who sent in the last biggest campaign contribution....
by Junglebob69696969 August 22, 2012