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N. (Pol-i-tan-O) The best family name ever to be said, heard, and mentioned. This name is 100x times more expensive as 10 tons of Gold. If there were a Politano stock, the number would be so large it wouldn't be able to fit on the New York Stock Exchange board. This family name is so uncommon. To find one you would need to search as far as Mars...If you find anyone with the name of Politano, I suggest you marry them, no questions asked.
"Hey I found a Politano yesterday..."

"Really, in broad daylight? Well, how was it? Was it a guy or a girl? What happened? Where were you?"

"It was bliss, I tried following him, and he disappeared in thin air. It was so crazy..."
by CiaoBella>9000 August 21, 2009
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