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The Japanese name for the upcoming fifth generation of Pokemon.

It's partner Pokemon - Black Version will be pretty much the same thing, with a few version exclusives and a couple extra cutscenes that don't really matter.

It hasn't been confirmed yet if these are the official titles of the new games or not, but lately the U.S. has been copying Japan word for word and product for product.

There was never any doubt of the Pokewalker being included with HeartGold or SoulSilver and i don't see why there should have been.

Only two Pokemon up to this point have been announced.
Zoroa and it's evolved form Zoaroark. They are dark types and and resemble a fox / fox on legs.
Black Guy : I'm buying Pokemon - White Version!
White Guy : Koo, niggah i be buyin' dat Pokemon - Black Version yo.
by th30hja3ff3ct April 09, 2010
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