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A description for a college level (or equivalent) class/lecture/lab where the class material is so boring or dry that one is forced to whip out their laptop and play Poke'mon emulators or MMO's (other games may be used in Poke'mon's place) instead of paying any attention whatsoever. Also referred to as a Lame Duck Class(es).

Verb: Poke'Class/Poke'Classing
Example 1)
Bob: "Are you ready for class bro?"
Brian: "Dammit man, that class is so freaking boring!"
Bob: "I know dude, I'm just going to Poke'Class it up."

Example 2)
Bob: *See's person sitting in front of him playing Poke'mon on their computer during class, turns to Brian* "Dude, that guy's Poke'Classing right now.
by RyuuGoukai February 04, 2013
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