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A condition not yet recognized by the American Psychiatric Association and not currently identified in the DSM-5. Wherein a sufferer develops symptoms of paranoid agoraphobia and addiction from identifying and having to fight invisible monsters that can only be found on their cell phone and require immediate catching.
I have not seen Michael in a week, I think he is suffering from Poképhobia and is too afraid to come outside of his apartment.
by Kermit-K July 13, 2016
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Po•ke•pho•bia /pōkēˈfōbēə/ noun

An abnormal fear of being exposed to family, friends and colleagues who have crossed into zombie-esque purgatory territories after trying what scientists are now describing as mobile crack, or its accepted vernacular.- Pokemon Go.
Day 42.- The idea Of going outside now seems far fetched.- these creatures have now taken over, insane streets flooded with zombie-like lcd lit faces that got lost For the ultimate rush. Pokephobia has taken over.
by felchaib July 16, 2016
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