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When a driver of a vehicle (while driving) hands their phone to their passenger to catch a Pokémon on Pokémon go and when the passenger fails to catch it the driver becomes pokémad
Driver: here hurry catch this bulbasaur I dont have it, hurrrry!
Passenger: wait what? Huh? Um ok
Driver: Did you get it? Huh huh?

Passenger: no not yet hold on I'm trying (10 pokéballs later) I give up here's your phone back
Driver: wtf! Where did all my pokéballs go! And you didn't even catch it! I'm so pokémad at you! I hate you!
Passenger: yeah you are pokémad lol get a life
Driver: there's another! Yay! I wish you would drive so I could catch them...
Passenger: wow...
by Prick100 July 21, 2016
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