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A pointless bitch is a female who enters your life so that she can better hers. She draws new experiences and life meaning from the time she spends with you, however you gain nothing from her but heart ache as she has not yet managed to become a fully functional girlfriend. Trains include but are not limited to, being a complete sponge, smoking all your weed, wearing your clothes, never being able to see it from your view, acting like you're her dad and generally being a brat on every level.

Contrary to common belief, niggers do not need these type of women in their life and they go as quickly as the appear. Usually to be replaced with another type of bitch that niggers don't want around.
Dam Kacey is a total pointless bitch you know, all she does is smoke his weed and spend his money.
by truthoftheflower July 28, 2014
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