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Point Grey Secondary School is an high school located in Vancouver, Canada. If you are looking at this, you probably go there or know someone who does. Point Grey Secondary School is particularly facinating because it hosts the mini school program, which is for smart people, as well as the life skills program, which is for not so bright students. Point Grey has one of the highest ratio of locker break-ins in the district, and the highest ammount of anorexic girls in the district. All in all, Point Grey is an anomaly.
Steve: Hey what school do you go to?
Ross: I go to Point Grey Secondary School.
Steve: So you go to the mini school there?
Ross: Nah, I applied, but I wasn't smart enough to get in, so I'm in the main stream school.
Steve: Wow, sucks to be you.
Ross: Yeah, but mini school is for nerds.
Steve: But I thought you applied.
Ross: *no comment*
by Ross Ho April 03, 2008
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