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Big shoes with massive oversized heals usualy between sizes 4-11 they are so hideous only the hideously unpopular would wear them.
Usualy those who wear them wear big glasses and are wannabes that pretend to be intelligent when they don't really know a damn.
Kid trips over nerd with the oversized "poindexter shoes" he is wearing
kid- *In sarcastic tone* "hey nice shoes where did you get them from?"
Poindexter- "Uhm really gee thanks I got another pair at home if you would like a pair"
*Kids friends laugh*
Kid- "puh like I would wear them don't you understand the term sarcasm why don't you wear trainers like us dudes then people will think you are cool and won't think you are a poindexter"
Poindexter- *scratches head* "Duh sarcasm poindexter cool?"
by Anonymous454234 April 20, 2010
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