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In the game Battlefield 2142 players are given access to Launch Pods from either APCs or the Titan Airships.

This allows the player to be launched a limited distance in the battlemap in a short space of time towards the ground but with some control of direction.

Some players have adapted the controls for the game that allows them to cover more distance from the pod (after practice it can even be limitless).

This is normally seen as glitching and is often banned on most game servers.

Note after a patch released from DiCE (Maker of the game) this has been somewhat reduced but not completely eliminated.
Player 1: How did he get to the other side of the map like that?
Player 2: He Podsurfed all the way across
Player 3: Is Pod Surfing allowed??
by Dean Athow February 25, 2008
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When one aimlessly searches through random Itunes podcasts, in hopes of finding a good one.
Last night I was so bored, I went pod surfing for 2 hours.
by blackbean0053 September 10, 2007
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