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1. The act of listening or going through another person's iPod or MP3 player and hearing a song that you like, and then adding it to your MP3 player. The song is usually one that you know but have not heard in a while.

2. The act of hearing a new song on a friend's iPod or MP3 and asking for the name of it as if you've heard it before, only to go and add it to your MP3 player. When you pod creep, you don't give credit to the original song finder.
1. Nick: "Oh, I can't believe he has Big Pimpin on his iPod. I totally forgot about that song!"

2. Meghan: "Oh! What's the name of this song again?"
Valerie: "My Humps."
Meghan: "Oh yeah. That's right... (adds song to iPod)
Valerie: "She's always Pod Creepin."
by puffswithlosh August 09, 2010
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