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Po'uhila originates from the beautiful country of tonga. It has different meanings, like lightning bolt or street light. It also means "bitch defucc yo ass better stop talking that shit over social media with yo foo foo cockroach lookin ass. When i pull up to yo crib yo yellow teeth, stanky breath, googly eyes, fuck face, king kong twin sister faceass, no ass, flat chest headass, better keep that same energy. On me imma beat yo mama ass, yo daddy ass, yo sister ass, yo brothers ass, yo grandmas ass and everyone on yo family tree ass." To be that meaning in a shorter sentence, it means "bitch, keep talking that shit and i will whoop yo ass" and thats on periodt okurr
Keyboard warrior: "girllll fuck yo dusty ass"
instagram user 'THATbitch101': "bitch know yo place before i Po'uhila yo ass"
by daddychill May 14, 2019
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