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1) Being caught (i.e. espied) when in the midst of washing one's genitalia in someone else's sink.
2) The act of dishonoring one's entire family by mistakenly leaving the washroom door unlocked when soaking one's phallus in a sink, inadvertently exposing oneself to onlookers.
3) Scrotum washing.
1) Jessica: Charles, get out of my fucking dorm room, right now.
Bro1: Whoa, whoa! What's the deal?
Jessica: Motherfucker just let me in on the god damn plumeveil surprise!

2) Dude1: "..."
Girl1: "Oh what the fuck."

3) "Fucking five-color faggot sitting on his god damn plumeveil surprise."
by AnonTheInvincible July 28, 2009
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