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The Plug n' Stink is an invention straight form the pit in Dante's Inferno.It consists of a plug in warmer that heats various "oils and scents" that permeate a room or building with a putrefyingly horrendous stench that some women and rarely men actually find appealing .If a man likes the Plug n' Stink "aroma" his sexual orientation is in question.The inventors of the various incarnations of the Plug n' Stink searched far and wide for only the best in artificial scents. Surely carrion flowers/ fungi along with moldy wind were at the top of their lists .In the future the Plug n' Stink will be statistically correlated with pimples, Cancer, nagging, bitching, moaning, nail biting ,prescription and or alcohol /drug abuse,compulsive cleaning , necrophilia, sinus problems of all forms, frigidity, impotence , depression, Dyspepsia, confusion; confusion as to ones sexual identity, manic depressive disorders , sex with animals ,bed wetting,organic brain syndrome, dementia ,insomnia, non stop watching of TV shopping channels and other obsessive behaviors along with general mental malaise. It also makes the area stink.
Bobo, one of my incompetent superiors for who I am tired of Boss Sitting has a Plug n' Stink in his office.
by Memester August 26, 2007
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