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quite simple...a cross between a pleb...and a chav

a pleb=someone with a very small brain..

a chav=someone with a very small penis, a shit car with lots of neons, clip on exhaust, fake chrome spinning hubcaps, ugly pregnant girlfriend(how they manage do this i dont know), walk around with a "manly" strut thinking their "it", and ofcourse wear fake burberry n very shitty tracksuits n jewelry..

fucking wanker
"You F**king pleb chav i'll shuv u in a bin!!"

chav-"come on then you startin?"
normal person-"yeh come on then"
chav-"oh shit"...*runs to get more chavs*
*20 mins later-6 other chavs arrive*
chav-"yeh you startin kidda?!"
normal person-"wot a fuckin pleb..."
by JustRich August 17, 2005
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