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The act where one individual who has recently got married (usually the male) automatically thinks he is better than his single or unattached friends for no apparent reason other than his own false sense of confidence. He often shows this behavior by talking down to or belittling his friends while at the same time his friends are quickly becoming distant from him for obvious reasons. This act of selfish over confidence usually results in the loss of the friendship or at the very least a situation where the friend loses all respect for the newly married individual. The married man is usually passed off as a joke.

Repeated infractions of this attitude will result in the individual losing the majority of his friends and eventually the respect of his wife. Ultimately this could lead to divorce and a very sad existence thereafter.
Person 1: Did you hear that Tom recently got married?

Person 2: Yeah, I heard & I really don't care.

Person 1: Why is that?

Person 2: Well the fool was very timid before, now he thinks he's better than all of us. He called me up the other day and tried to act superior like being married made him a god.

Person 1: Shit, no way. What a loser. I guess he's Playing The Married Card.
by Trinity8688 November 26, 2010
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