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1)What you do when you don't have the strength of character to formally apologize to someone you have completely wronged.

2)When one ignores the "elephant in the room" because they are afraid of conflict.

3)When someone quickly changes the subject instead of stating an opposing opinion.
1.(Night Before) Dave: "Susan I swear you are the biggest leach. You absolutely smother me."
(The Next Day) Dave: "Hey Susan! Good to see you today! Just remembered I don't have a date to the banquet tonight. Would you like to go with me as my date?"
Susan: "Don't play dull with me! After what you said last night, I never want to see you again!"

2. Husband comes home early in the morning totally drunk. Wife quietly makes him breakfast as if it was just any other morning.

3. Son: "Mom, what do you think of the giant dragon tattoo that covers my entire back?"
Mom: "You know what Son, I really like your new girlfriend Stacy. She's such a lovely person. You know she came by yesterday with some fresh banana bread."
by Wize One December 12, 2008
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