A guy that that's been in many relationships at once and lies to you that he's gonna be with you forever, and that you're his main girl.
Her : But wasnt the thing we had between us official? We've been together for like 3 months.
Him: Only when i say it is, it is. I like her more and she ain't like my exes
Her : you're just a fucking playboy
by Asiankween April 25, 2018
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A rightous man with sooo much game, girls don't even try to hide that they like him, becuase he is obviously a pimp. There is also a magazine with naked hoes in it, that is good, called *Playboy*
"yo playboy, what's up, can i give you a slurpy"
"yo, we gots to get that new playboy with the wal-mart girls in it"
by PLAYBOY November 18, 2003
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a magazine that is hyped up by many, but in all actuality has minimal pornography and consists of too many advertisements.
that playboy is like 10% actual porn
by chip foos October 07, 2005
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A popular mens magazine also known as the "poor man's internet"
That dude's so po', he gotta git his porn from da playboy.
by the_writer_side June 22, 2004
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It started off as just the "porn" mag(hey come on, playboy's not really porn, it's sorta like FHM - pretty girls posing naked. Penthouse is porn cause it gets all close and personal with female's erogenous zones)but now the whole company's been exploited into a lingerei, jewelery and general merchandise label. People who are over 50 really should understand that a girl wearing a diamante playboy choker or whatever is not some sort of cheap whore you indulges daily in promiscous sexual acts. She's just a chick who recognises that playboy is now a popular, fashionable label. Thanks to Playboy, buying present for groovy, funky people under 30 (no age discrimination meant, if you are over 30 and love playboy then good on you, you're part of a very cool minority group).
"Ohmigod, that is the coolest playboy bracelt/top/bag/etc! Where did you get it?"
by ice_berg September 12, 2004
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A magazine guys read for the tantilizing articles.
Playboy article: "10 Things Guys should know about what Woman are Thinking"
by Taintfuck September 27, 2004
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A playboy is basically another term for a player. A playboy is dedicated to the game. He gets a lot of woman and doesn't settle for just one. He will steal your girl in a matter of seconds. You never mess with a playboy and you can never EVER play a playboy at his own game.
by Playboyfreshh October 23, 2016
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