Playboy Magazine. Used to be a great men's magazine. And if you're into overworked pictures of fake women with fake boobs, fake faces and fake hair, it still is.
Nowadays, Playboy only caters to old truckers, teenage morons, and mouth-breathing political moderates.
by New Marquis de Carabas September 20, 2005
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A fine magazine that many people read for its articles.
It must be distracting to read Playboy with those pictures of naked women.
by sukebe December 13, 2006
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A very intellectual magazine known for its interesting and fascinating articles.
Person A: Have you read playboy? They have such an interesting article on the theory of relativity!

Person B: Yes, but all of those obscene pictures make the magazine very difficult to read!
by MrSaturn33 October 04, 2009
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A good greeting to someone who is pimpish or gets mad hoes.
What up Play boy!! hows those ladies treatin u.
by Jimmy cornrolls January 08, 2006
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A magazine for men. Playboy has excellent nude pictorials and centerfolds.
When I moved in with my girlfriend, she made me get rid of all my Playboy magazines.
by Qbert August 23, 2003
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A popular magazine that features naked women & other articles of interest
Kiersten : Shit I should pose for Playboy I really need the money!
Jade : What makes you think they would want you?
Kiersten : Uh cause im hot! DUH!
Kaylee : Oh brother Steve is bragging about the inheritance his uncle left him!
Kiersten : Oh wow it's my lucky day! Hey Steve Kiersten could sure use a new car! (Wink)
Steve : Well Steve could use a new car too but all I own is a massive blow up doll collection and a big stack of Playboy's, but you could come over to my place after work and watch me fuck my dolls and jack off! (Wink)
Kiersten : God you are disgusting Fuck You!
Kaylee : Hey Kiersten you do realize the first issue of Playboy is worth like a lot of money don't you?
Kiersten : Hey Steve wait up do you need a back rub how about a blowjob?
Kaylee : God she is such a hore!
Jade : Yeah no kidding she really needs to pose for Penthouse or Hustler!
by SlopNChop August 03, 2018
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