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An old ass book that has like influenced every political matter since forever. Since Justice is the main topic discussed throughout the whole damn book, it's esoteric nature confuses dumb asses that read it wrong. Plato has Socrates talk about Communism vs Democracy, the Equality of Men and Women, the nature of political regimes and cool other shit. And the most famous is the Allegory of the Cave, where Socrates talks about the philosophic "turn" and leaving the "cave of convention".

But the main problem is like aforementioned dumb asses; mainly Marx, thought it was a good idea. So in turn, fucked up a world for like 60 years. Even China is still fucked up.
"Hey you read Plato's Republic in College"- Friend #1
"Naw, but we read the story about The Cave" Friend #2
"Really, that's all, you missed some pretty good shit" Friend #1
"Well my professor just said 'communism is good' and forced their academic liberal bullshit down our throats" Friend #2
"Figures, my professor was a Straussian, so he pretty much rocks" Friend #1
by freddy mc-callahan March 03, 2012
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