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An advanced form of spooning, in which both partners climb into the same pair of oversized pajamas and snuggle. So named for Plato's myth, outlined in his dialogue "The Symposium" (c. 385-380 BCE), explaining that humans were once beings with two heads, four arms, four legs, etc. who were split into two halves by Zeus. According to this myth, the instinct to reunite with our other half is the origin of love. Wearing the same clothes at the same time is one of the ways in which two partners can simulate sharing one body. It also squeezes them, as a Play-Doh Fun Factory squeezes Play-Doh. Also known as "practicing for the two-legged sack race."
I need to go buy some 4XL pajamas at Wal-Mart, so my girlfriend and I can do the Plato Fun Factory tonight.
by Barbalib April 17, 2015
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