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(adjective.) -: Comes from the words spaz and plastic.

This is often used to refer to the 'blonder' or 'bitchier' characters in American teen movies, or 'chick flick's', as they are known.

This may have been originated from 'The Plastic's' (an A-List high school clique group) in the 2004 movie 'Mean Girls', which stars Lindsay Lohan. In Mean Girls, The Plastic's may not all have been blonde and 'mean', to so be called, but the ring-leader, or 'Alpha Plastic' of the group, Regina George, was blonde, bitchy and a slut. This shows the primary behaviour of a 'Plastic Lil' Spaztic'.

The term was used directly in the 2007 movie Hairspray, when Tracy Turnblad and her best friend Penny Pingleton were discussing the Queen Bee of 1962 Baltimore - Amber Von Tussle.
1. Tracy: (Yelling at TV screen) SHOW LINK! Stop showing Amber! She can't even dance! Oh Link, why don't you notice me at school? I can dance so much better than her!

Penny: *Plastic Lil' Spaztic!*

2. Kiki: Urgh! Have you SEEN Trinity today! Katie Allen looked like she was going to punch her, but after all, she was flirting with her boyfriend!
Rachael: I can't stand Trinity Hirst. She's like the next Paris Hilton - SUCH a Plastic Lil' Spaztic!
by DramionePerfected May 18, 2010
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