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The best band in Plano, TX. Also known as The-Band-That- Marched-In-A-Tornado-At-Area-And-Still-Placed-In-The-Top-5-At-Finals. The band hosts an annual marching invitational, and they went to Bands of America Super Regional in San Antonio for the first time in 2010, placing in finals on their first try.

The Plano East band has also recieved a superior rating at the UIL Marching contest for as long as the school has existed (since 1981).

The band program has recieved national recognition and awards for its superior performance and curriculum. Even Mickey Mouse and his fellows at Disney approve of the Plano East band. They're so awesome, the 'B' in 'Plano East Band' needs to be capitalized.

The Plano East band knows how to illuminate the symbols on the path to pursuing their dreams, all the while riding the currents of life.
If that band is able to go to a nationally-recognized marching contest and place in finals without the use of props and other aids, then they are a Plano East band.

Plano Band be hatin' cuz the Plano East Band has Snickers.

Plano West band be hatin' cuz Plano East Band gets to do cool things in their marching shows without looking cheesy and also get to go to Area marching contests. Also, Plano East has more respect for their band than Plano West. Poor Westies...

West: Did you see Plano East Band's show this year?
Senior: Yeah, it's REALLY cool. I wish we could be like them.
West: Why aren't you like them?
Senior: Why aren't YOU like them?

For more information about this awesome band, look it up on Wikipedia.
by clarinetzzz November 28, 2011
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