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A mode of motorized transportation or scooter is for those who are fat and too lazy to walk. The people using these have gone past the point of of being fat. This is quite evident by the tent like structure covering their body. You normally see these obese people at your local Wal-mart or grocery store. They can be seen filling the baskets on these carts with chips, ho ho's, donuts and other high calorie and high fat foods. Its common to see a 50 pound bag of cat food in the basket. Don't get in their way because they will run you over to get the last 60 pack of toilet paper. They can be seen checking out with their food stamps or link card while on their cell phone. These people normally are supported by you and me because they are also too lazy(or fat) to work. You will see them pulling out of a handicapped parking spot after leaving their pity cart in the parking lot for someone else to worry about. Their car is normally not less than 6 colors and as it leave the lot is disappears in a cloud of smoke.
Betty: Me gonna get one of them their Pity carts cause I don't wanna walk cause my ass is too big to fit through the aisles.
by Society against lazy humans December 25, 2012
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