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A sexual act composed of four main actions.

    a) One constipated person (male or female) and a consenting sexual partner.
    b) A penis or other phallicaly shaped object. (ie. dildo, ketchup bottle, or rubber fist)   

1. In the doggy style position, the constipated individual will receive their partners phallus or object within their constipated lower bowels and begin anal intercourse.

2. Upon reaching climax and sufficient stool loosening, the object shall be removed from the constipated anus. Simultaneously upon removal, the partner shall attempt to catch any of the expelled doo-doo.

3. After collecting as much of the acrid heaping mess which speweth from the constipated colon, the partner shall raise said mess high above their partner. While this is occuring, the no longer constipated party shall shift their body from the doggy style position to an "indian" style seated position directly underneath their partner's hands.

4. Lastly, the hulking mound of turd will be released high over head of the person sitting "indian" style. The excrement crashing towards the seated person should gain enough momentum and speed so that an audible *Plop* can be heard as it makes contact with the top of the head.
"Nothing quite remoisturizes the scalp like a Pittsburgh Plopper"
by Pittsburgh Pat June 12, 2012
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