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The act of opening a banana from it's opposite end, commonly chipping away at it's darkened stub with your thumbnails, then peeling it back per usual.

The benefit of this is that If the top of the banana is acting particularly stubborn, the Pitman method prevents damage to the banana and/or requiring the use of exterior tools to open the banana successfully.

Consoquently, the Bottom of the banana can become equally, if not more, damaged. But I know at least two people, including myself, who choose to discard of the bottom bit, as it's got a slightly bitter bit at the very end.
Birrell: "Hot dang, my Banana simply won't peel!"

Jay: "You clown, use the Pitman method!"

Birrell: "I'm simply astounded!"

Jay: "You're keen as!"
by James Birrell April 24, 2008
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