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”Pinker” is a term that originated on The Real Pit Bull Forum spontaneously in response to new material coming out about Pit Bulls. The "pink-ing" of the Pit Bull is a trend that tends to “dumb down" Pit Bulls for mass consumption. Pinkers tend to want to “pretty up” the dogs (i.e. verbally dress them up all pink and glittery), talk about how “it’s all how you raise them”, and insist that dogs of unknown heritage (i.e. shelter and rescue dogs) can NEVER be properly identified and therefore it is impossible to even attempt to assign breed traits or educate adopters on potential behavioral traits in Pit Bulls (basically invalidating the notion of purebred rescue work completely). Pinkers often have a misunderstanding about what a Pit Bull (American Pit Bull Terrier) actually is, a lack of knowledge on proper breed temperament, label even KNOWN purebreds of various breeds or obvious mixed breeds “pit bulls” (a lead they’ve taken from BSL supporters – i.e. legislators that know nothing about dogs or breeds, let alone Pit Bulls), and spread misinformation about Pit Bull history."
"Pit Bull Pinkers are always telling everyone that they should get a Pit Bull and making things up about the breed that aren't even true."

"Pit Bull Pinkers like to try to make Pit Bulls more appealing by using verbally pink and glittery language and reinventing history."
by sapphire011678 October 14, 2011
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