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When someone trys to accomplish something they have worked hard to do and fails in a way that would make that effort seem worthless. Fuck it, fuck that. (Ussually said in a competitive atmosphere after a humiliating loss)
P1: wtf has he been doing
P2: idk tht nigga can not kick flip for shiiit
P4*snaps board attempting k flip down gap*
P3: that's "E"
P2:Piss it on the fences
P1: wtf dude mewtwo is so cheap
P2: really nigga?!
P3: Dude.
P1: Fuck! See dude that same shit every time!
P2: HAHAHAHA gotcho ass with that ghetto ass combo
P3: Jesus Christ this nigga just died at "0%"
P4: Piss it on the fence
P1:Dude I heard u got Tammy pregnant
P2: shhhh damn we don't know yet
P1: *Loud*Nah dude fuk that that's fucked up!
P2: well damn nigga just piss it on the fence then.
by Pots&Pans September 27, 2015
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