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Piss Infected Cum Bubble-
Refers to someone of of insignificance or unimportance, whose opinions and very existence are trivial, sometimes implies gross lack of sexual repute.
Paris Hilton is prancing around in front of the camera with her va-jay-jay hanging out of her skirt like the piss infected cum bubble she truly is.
by BKizzle8795 February 13, 2009
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A piss infected cum bubble is where u are having intercourse and when u project seman
u also let out urine and it puffs.... there u go u got your a piss infected cum bubble
exmple #1 name is bob
exmple #2 name is gary

hey gary last night i had sex with a nice ass hotty and i actully gave her a piss infected cum bubble.

that sweet bob what did it look like.....
by chris99163 April 01, 2009
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