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Pirate Rock is a genre of rock and roll music developed by the Southern California band Dannicus Live. Pirate rock is a type of celtic music, sea shanties, punk, metal and classic rock all blended together. The term "Pirate Rock" was coined for the band's sound by DJ Ditch of KGB 101.5 in San Diego.
Pirate Rock Lyrics include:

"Come out come out from near and far come out and hear our plea. A bottle of rum and beer by the drum the whiskey will set us free.

Compile our wealth defile ourselves, the future we cannot tell. If we run out of luck and roll in the muck we'll be on our way ta' hell.

You and me and a bottle o' rum we'll burn this tavern down,
Drown our fears till tomorrow dissappears, we'll drink our whiskey down.
by CaptainMeyham August 08, 2009
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