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A version of Facebook translated to Pirate Language.
All the links and default text on your Facebook homepage, along with others' profiles will be changed to read things in a "pirate-y" way.

-To enable this:
Go to your homepage->Click Settings->Select Language->Scroll down to English (Pirate)->Choose this option
"Dude, did you ever hear of Pirate Facebook??"

"Yeah! It's hilarious man, lolol. I changed my language to upside down font, afterward. It hurts my eyes xD"

"Home - Home Port
Friends - My Hearties
Like Button - Arr, I concur!
Comment button - Weigh In
Logout - Abandon Ship"
by captain dearfriend matey December 10, 2009
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A translation of the regular facebook that makes all the text pirate-like
"Man check out this piece of shit pirate facebook!"

"Yeah honkey this is hard to understand"
by zerotohero November 02, 2008
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