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I see you are curious to know more about Mr. Pipe Turner. If you don't know him, your mom, sister, aunt or female cousin do. Oh, you don't think they do? Well I can tell you right now he knows them all in ways only God and the OBGYN should. Plain and simple; he lays pipe. No you simple mere mortal, not plumbing pipes that go under your house. Mr. Pipe Turner lays the pipe in the hollows of multiple women with the sole purpose of delivering the magical fluids of pleasure. Look at your man, look at me, look back at your man, now look back at that's not a huge lead pipe in my pants. Well, not exactly
Girl 1: Why are you walking that way?

Girl 2: Pipe Turner

Girl 1: In both or just one?

Girl 2: In all 3

Girl 1: You're brave
by Mr. Pipe Turner March 12, 2010
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