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A pink vampire is a very unique and rare breed of the vampiric species. An unlikely combination of a red coven vampire (those feasting on blood alone) and a white coven vampire (those that feed on lust) produces a pink vampire, one that sustains itself upon love. These vampires are startlingly white, nearly porcelain, in appearance, but share not the photosensitivity associated with the black coven and red coven vampires. Their weaknesses include overly romantic films, and paradoxically, true love. When in the presence of true love, the pink vampire is nearly incapacitated. They can often be found at premieres of movies such as: The Notebook or Love Actually.

On a side note, historically, many pink vampires have been mistaken for witches, and vice versa. This is a matter of much debate within the occult community. The issue first arose when it was shown that Glenda the Good Witch from "The Wizard of Oz," was in fact a pink vampire rather than a true witch.
Brandon: Dude, did you see all those girls lined up outside the movie for the premiere of "Valentine's Day"?

Aaron: Those weren't teens dude, those were pink vampires.
by Brandon Stevenson November 20, 2012
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