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A form of hand sign used by the San Jose CA based Pine Hill school (for children with learning problems) in the 1980s to mock the crazier students.

The salute requires the tongue to be hanging out to the right or left, trying to reach the ear, while making the 'Pine Hill School' or 'Pine Hill Prison' catch phrases. While doing this, thump the chest with a limp salute, straight fingered, out from the elbow.

Since the school and the spin offs since still exist, so does the salute, and it is a a form of suburban fake gang signing popularized by a subset of the infamous Covert clique which was indirectly continued by the super dorky Minions later on.

Often repeated on short or long transit vehicles in the current era without the people realizing it originated with Pine Hill, not Valley Christian High, who took it to be theirs.
Dorky suburban kids who make fun of their friends might use it, or to make fun of their enemies, like a secret sign.

Pine Hill Salute. Noun.

Jack: That guy is flaiing his hand on his chest and sticks his tongue out like a fool.

Jill: Nah, that's the Pine Hill salute. It's nostalgic.

Jack: Like where, San Francisco?

Jack: Nah, San Jose.
Jack: As if that's worse.
by pastygall June 18, 2011
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