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A strange multi-breed dog that can do a 90 degree straight jump into the air, chase pick ups already driving up to 40 mph and somehow still lacks the common sense to see a glass door right in front of her when she is trying to chase the squirrel on the other side of it. 2. the only dog in history i have ever seen climb straight up a tree after a squirrel and not fall off the trunk. She also thinks no matter what side of the door she is on when the door bell rings that an INTRUDER is on the opposite side.3. a retarded minny pit bull pug puppy that eats garbage instead of real food because the garbage tastes better to her. 4. a dog who is very good at destroying chew toys and has the ability to follow only two comands "poop" and "play". This creature is supposed to be a combination of a pug and a pitbull but really looks like a bobble head boxer. If this dog was a cartoon it would resemble scrappy doo.
My pig puppy has big pug eyes and pitbull teeth.
by flutterby33 November 10, 2010
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