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A pickled tongue is used when you're banging a Rebbetzin (Rabi's Wife). The deal is this ... her family runs a deli and of course she works the business serving up chopped liver, gelfilte fish, nova lox and knishes all day long. Of course she's bored as fuck because her husband is busy doing bris's all day and worrying about money; that's why his hotty wife has to sling smoked whitefish all day long. He won't go down her of course because Jewish guys aren't into that and Jewish women usually have big bushes.

So her suitor visits her at the deli, while her father and all his old Jewish friends sit outside on lawn chairs talking about the holocaust and gazpacho soup ... the guy takes her in back throws her up on the meat cutter and goes down on her. Really thats what she wants because thats what the hubby won't do. When he's done tonguing around her tuchus (ass) and gives her a little potch (spank) or two he buries his pisk (mouth) into her snatch and eats it like a marrano (pig) until she plotz's (explodes).

This is where the pickled tongue comes in. So he doesn't get caught by her husband, her father or his friends he dips his tongue in brine (pickle juice) before he goes down on her and then rinses his mouth out with brine when he's down thus getting rid of any possible odour or after taste. He steps outside afterward thanks the old man for his smoked turkey and bison pastrami and the old fart has no idea that he just ate out his daughter like a vilde chaya (wild animal).
Jules was sneaking into Brighton Beach to the 110th Street Deli and eating out this little Jewish bitch every Friday. Just so he wouldn't get caught he gave it the old pickled tongue.
by Redhope July 02, 2006
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