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Also known as Cabbage night or Hell’s night, Picket night seems to be the term used in the sleepy Vermont town of Northfield for the night before Halloween. “Grab your eggs boys, we’re going out for picket night” was the last words spoken by the infamous Sam Harris Also known as “The Pig Man” which still today haunts the hills surrounding “Devil’s Washbowl”. Local historian Pam Witherspoon (1918-1953) wrote a short story about Sam Harris which was featured in the Northfield News titled “Sam was a good boy, not a swine” she mysteriously went missing and was found 2 years later dismembered in the washbowl with the words “Picket night” carved in her skull.
“Grab your eggs boys, we’re going out for picket night
by The Dude abides NV October 31, 2009
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