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Pi Delta Psi (ΠΔΨ) is an Asian-American Cultural Interest Fraternity founded at Binghamton University on February 20, 1994. The mission of Pi Delta Psi is to break down cultural barriers by fostering individual growth in the areas of "Academic Achievement, Cultural Awareness, Righteousness, Friendship and Loyalty"
Pi Delta Psi is a brotherhood. A brotherhood that commit to the community and volunteers. A brotherhood that raise cultural awareness in the community. A brotherhood that is a life time bond.

P.S What is with all this hate stuff? I thought other Asian Fraternity promote Asian awareness not hate on them.
Friend 1: Oh wow, When did this park get cleaned up?
Friend 2: I saw a bunch of Pi Delta Psi brothers at 7 in the morning cleaning it.
Friend 1: Oh man, they sure do a lot community service.
by PDP WW August 18, 2010
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A bunch of flaming homosexuals who love having joint circle jerks while watching brokeback mountain all in the nude. Common characteristics include vagtastic behavior, and general retardation. If you see one, walk the other way as he will try to anally penetrate you. If they ask you to rush, be prepared to shit pancakes for the next couple of days.
Pi Delta Psi! We will suck you dry!
by Bang Lai Zang December 15, 2007
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