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You talk as if your the best thing that a dude has meet or came in contact with.. By means of just having a conversation, flirting with, and/or sexual activities. You are and/or have a Psychopathic/Neurotic/Psychoneurosis personality acting like a whore/slut to see of others reactions while lookin cool.

Relating to or affected with an antisocial personality disorder.

(1)---... a functional disorder in which feelings of anxiety, obsessional thoughts, compulsive acts, and physical complaints without objective evidence of disease, in various degrees and patterns, dominate the personality.

(2)---... a relatively mild personality disorder typified by excessive anxiety or indecision and a degree of social or interpersonal maladjustment.

Any of various mental or emotional disorders, such as hypochondria or neurasthenia, arising from no apparent organic lesion or change and involving symptoms such as insecurity, anxiety, depression, and irrational fears, but without psychotic symptoms such as delusions or hallucinations. No longer in scientific use.
You say your pregnant, you dont know which guy is the dad between two plus persons, and you say this to everyone you know (friends/acquaintance's). In reality there is no baby inside you and you never were pregnant or anything of that manner..

A random person comes up to you and says, "so i know you like just dumped him, but he came up to me this weekend and asked to hang out, well he actually told me, "that i was going to be chilling with him no and's, if's, or but's about it". After we got out the hot tub we cuddled on the couch and than we did it. He says im the best and "no one can come pair not even you".

--->..Says this all with a stuck up attitude laughing and being annoying and also insanely crazy trying to show off..<---

All in which makes you a "Physco Slut"
by Shauna W/ a "U".Bchwd.Jersey December 01, 2009
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