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The action taken by attendees at Philadelphia sports team events whereby the attendee moves from inexpensive seats located high in the venue, to much pricier tickets located closer to the field, typically involving several intermediate stops en route. When viewed from above, the path taken by said attendee would mimick the movements of the Plinko chip - side-to-side, yet still descending - used in the game "Plinko" on the popular, long-running American game show "The Price is Right."
Following his 3rd inning restroom break, Tom decided to enhance his game-watching experience using a Philly Plinko Upgrade. His path, over the course of the next 4 innings was as follows: Section 305 Row 20, Section 207 Row 17, Section 106 Row 15, Section 110 Row 23, then finally Section 110 Row 5. Hello Philly Phanatic!
by CheapPhans September 18, 2009
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