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It's like that part from "In the Air Tonight", where the moment you hear the drum solo halfway through the song, you instantaneously start air drumming along. It doesn’t matter where you are or what you're doing when you hear it either. Whether it is in your car while you’re stuck in traffic, or in line at the grocery store, you're drumming along like you're kicking an invisible mugger's ass.
Wilcox: "So what happened?"

Arnett: "We were in a crowded bar, and I had a Phil Collins Moment, and when I stopped and looked around, the rest of the bar was doing it too, so I kept doing it"

Bruce: "What's a Phil Collins....Moment?"

Clark: "You know, its that one drum part from that one Phil Collins song that everyone drums to?"

Bruce: "Oh gotcha"

Clark: "I had a Phil Collins Moment the other day in the car. I accidentally hit my mom in the face. That song Simple by Collective Soul came on. You know that part at 32 seconds? I couldnt stop myself"
by 3D@y$ March 14, 2010
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