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A pherry kick is when the participant lines up for the most epic of all kicks. The spherical object is propelled behind the person and the player initiates into the "velez zone". This is when all concentrated focus is directed to kicking the juggle ball behind the back, over the shoulders and ultimately risking the game for props. This is best executed in a "male gymnast" fashion. This causes the player to look homosexual, but at the same time steezy dank. Variations of this move include: double, triple and even quaternary levels of fairy kicking. You can do this trick on grass, ledges, stairsets, flatbars, and yes even in magdons office.
that was a dank lofty hairy gossomously perpetuated scratchy beat velez-like beefy nuggety splotchy compensated resovoir twisted klutched commonwealth dictatored switch butter nook pherry kick BREH!!!!
by U.J.L March 15, 2011
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