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A social network that combines the ideas of most other major social networks into one. It is extremely Awesome and fun. Although it can have a lot of drama at times; but then again what network doesn't. This social network is also extremely horny as 99% of the people on the app like dicks. This app is very gay. Straight guys are a rarity. So girls, make them yours, before the gays turn them gay as we'll (it's been done many times)
"Hey man! That app looks super cool; what is it?" "Pheed bro! And yeah it's awesome"
"Dude, I thought you were straight?! What happened?" "Pheed. Too many hit guys to stat straight"
by ThatCanadianKid November 13, 2013
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To get fucked over from within your own department by a bellend.
Was my last night, but I got Phee'd by a "mate".
by whoknewthat June 25, 2017
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