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A word often used to describe a lazy bum, usually bogged down by the harshness of his or her living environments. This word is not to be mistaken as 'Fat Bitch' as that is not it's meaning at all. It was said that this group of individuals was started in the lower regions of Virginia, however traces of Phatt-Bichs date back to prehistoric time and were most commonly found throughout the stone(d) age period.
Little Girl: Mommy, mommy.. Look at that man over there.
Mother: Don't point darling, it's just a phatt-bich!

Phatt Bich 1: Aye PB, I'm bored.. Lets find something productive to do today.
Phatt Bich 2: I'm with ya PB, grab that remote over there and lets watch some T.V.
by CanIdoitfordalulz? November 01, 2009
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