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A man.
The Philosopher.
A hero.

By day, Peter Koritansky is a mild-mannered professor. By night, Koritansky darts through the streets, hunting crime with the physical aptitude and ferocity of a velociraptor. Upright and fair, Koritansky represents all that is good in humanity.

It is currently said of Koritansky that he lives in Canada. This is a common misconception. The nation called Canada just happens to be underfoot of Peter Koritansky's current desires. Koritansky is actually a country in and of himself - housing approximately 1,389 international refugees in a small, kangaroo-like pouch on his lower back.

And never let him catch you speaking poorly of Aquinas, or he'll be intellectually all over you faster than a crow on a curly fry.
Peter Koritansky has no organs. If you were to turn him inside out, you'd find a lovely persian carpet.
by thereisnospooning March 29, 2012
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