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Peter Pwn and the Lust Boyz live in Neverland pwning and raping random kids and piratez.
Peter Pwn is the pimp of 15 Murrmadez and the underaged pwnstar Tinkerbellmao. Tinkerbellmao is his favorite and she gets jealous every time Peter Pwn gets a hard-on from older sluts like Wendy Darling and her brothers (which he kidnaps and later rapes.)
He is a true kid magnet.
He is also the arch enemy of Captain Hooker, who now had his arm replaced by a crooked dildo after he got pwned by Peter Pwn and the Lust Boyz in the movie 'Peter Pwn: From Pwnama to Owntario.'

Peter Pwn seems to be underaged in every movie he appears in. In the movie 'Peter Pwn and the Pwnorama,' it turns out Captain Hooker's loyal slave Smee (born Spankmee Petrownski) is his father.
In the movie 'Peter Pwn: Lust for Children' he marries Peter Pwnette, and it turns out they pwned happily ever after.
Person 1: Did you see tht Crowncodile bite Captain Hooker?
Person 2: It was Peter Pwns Crowncodile.
by Ministarjbt December 02, 2009
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