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1. To get out while the going is good, in a two-faced, cowardly manner
2. To gain advantage, often through underhanded means, and then to esacpe with cowardice while leaving others to deal with the repercussions
1. That USC coach is Pete Carrolling his way to Seattle before the shit hits the fan at USC.

2. After receiving gifts and money under the table, Reggie Bush (and now Joe McKnight) Pete Carrolled out of USC before they could get in trouble with the NCAA.

3. OJ Mayo went Pete Carrolling at Tim Floyd's house.
by EZirish January 12, 2010
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To be faced with a simple decision against a superior adversary, which leads you to overthink the situation and ultimately make an epically horrible decision.
Instead of running Marshawn Lynch for a Super Bowl win, the Seahawks lost to the Patriots by Pete Carrolling the call.
by Madden '76 February 04, 2015
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