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PetPlastic = FatSpastic

A fat wannabe scene kid who along with sidekick "Reeceolandra Fabio Stanson" (aka ReeceRampage)try to convert the world to fatafaganism.

If you should come across a PetPlastic it's probably best to just quickly back away in the opposite direction or else wave after wave of flabby, flabby, cellulite infested thighs could very well consume you.

PetPlastic is despised by the JinxedReverend Corporation (neigh the world).
-PetPlastic Approaches-

Young Elegant Boy: Mommy, mommy, what is that hideous creature heading right for us.

Dainty Elegant Mother: (whilst running, abandoning child) TAKE THE BOY, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD TAKE THE BOY!

Pet: (unecessarily obese fat-man voice) PET SMASH, CHEW, NUMMY TREAT

(for information on Reeceolandra Fabio Stanson, he is briefly mentioned on the JinxedReverend Official Myspace:
by petplasticthefatspastic July 14, 2008
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