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A variation of a blumpkin that begins in a pumpkin patch. You and your girl go to find an appropriate pumpkin for your carving pleasure. Once you get a decent pumpkin you bring it home and begin to carve it out with your girl. The most important thing to remember is to eat all of the pumpkin seeds as you are carving, but you do not let your girl eat any (you can wash it down with some alcohol if you desire). After an hour of carving and eating seeds you should begin to get a feeling of uneasiness in your stomach. It is extremely important to carve a mouth in your pumpkin. You then must start to woo your girl and you two start going at it. Then she begins to take off your pants and you sit on the carved out pumpkin. She starts giving you head and you have to let your bowels free in the pumpkin (hence the blumpkin relation). Right before busting in your girls mouth you get up and bust into the pumpkins carved out mouth. Following that you finish it off by smashing the shit and cum full pumpkin on your girls head.
South: "What did you do last night?"
Me:"Yo man I had one hell of a night last night; me and my girl went to the pumpkin patch and we got shit nasty on a bag of wine and pumpkin seeds."
South: "How did it end?"
Me: "Like it always does man with a peruvian plumpkin!!"
South: "Damn man thats great, ever see Accepted?"
by BadAssBA February 19, 2007
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