The Person in Charge is the guy that is worshiped and the guy that all applications are sent to.

Any challenges on the Person in Charge must be signed in triplicate by the current Person in Charge.

Challenges on the Person in Charge are fights to the death using only a stapler, ballpoint pen, two erasers, and TPS documents.

Use of the copier goes first to the Person in Charge, followed by the Suckup.
Zealot: Dude, the Person in Charge just laid off Cody!
Employee: Yeah, I know, he shouldn't have cut in front of him for the copier.
Person in Charge: Get THE FUCK back to work before I FUCKING get the stapler!
Zealot: OH SHIT! It took me a week to get the blood off my robes!
by Netmaster2966 June 26, 2011
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